Monte Baldo

Points of Interest

At its foot, the registered altitude is 65 metres, but its highest peak, Cima Valdritta, touches 2,218. In between there is a whole universe to discover, in summer and winter, with many different viewpoints.

Have you ever heard Monte Baldo being called Hortus Europae? Today it is home to a modern Botanical Garden (which, together with the Cabin and the astronomical observatory, is part of the Novezzina Nature and Science Park) but its very many varieties of plants and flowers have been known since ancient times. You can see sixty different types of wild orchids, edelweiss, red lilies, wild peonies and the anemone baldensis!

As you go up, not only the temperature drops, but the vegetation changes too: vines and olive trees you see at the foot of the mountain make way to chestnut trees and oaks, Scots pines, beech trees and finally, over 1,600 metres, fir trees! It is a true mountain scenery with cabins and typical dishes to be savoured… looking at the lake! And if you’re patient (and lucky) you could see the mountain wild animals, like groundhogs, eagles, roe deer and chamois!

Apart from two protected areas (the Lastoni Selva Pezzi strict nature reserve, which includes Punta Telegrafo, and the Gardesana Orientale Reserve, in the area of Malcesine) where you can’t go by bike or with your dog, nor leave the path, Monte Baldo is heaven for sports lovers, especially if you’re into Nordic Walking, trekking, cycling or paragliding. But you can also choose to test yourself on aided rock-climbs, climbing routes and cliffs.

But if a sports holiday is not what you’re looking for, Baldo is still a great place, with cafés, restaurants and cabins (even a few metres from the cable car station), where you can taste the specialities of our mountain cuisine.

Because the Malcesine cable car is open 10 months of the year, you can count on Monte Baldo even in winter: no stampedes like in the neighbouring Dolomites, but the same beauty and the chance to ski or go ski mountaineering in surreal quiet (and an unbeatable view of the lake!).