Food & Wine

Taking it easy with wine, good food and nature

Garda Veneto’s pull for those who love good food and good wine is ever greater, and it is easy to understand why. The fame of our local wines and typical products and dishes, tastes and scents, spreads wide. That is why we, who have always been ready to add another seat at the table, have specialized in the so­called slow tourism.

More than a holiday, it is a true sensory experience based on the marriage of our excellence: food and wine, food for the body and the mind!

You can relish good food in genuine contact with nature, and even enrich your cultural baggage visiting splendid Verona, near­by, or Venice and Milan, just an hour by train. In Garda Veneto all this is possible!

Stop and delight in views and flavours, on foot or by bicycle, on the many routes that combine the historical and artistic beauties of the place with our land’s typical products.

That is why the province of Verona came up with the Strade del Vino (wine routes), like the Strada del Bardolino, or that of Valpolicella wine: following them you can get to know the history and culture of their respective production areas, but also their hotels, restaurants, wineries, farms and vineyards, and all other kinds of production.

A slow holiday in Garda Veneto also means taking part in one of the myriad enogastronomic events linked to our traditions and the seasons, to feel like a local, someone who really loves Garda Veneto and lives it to the full!