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Affi is the gateway to Lake Garda for German and northern Europe tourists, thanks to the exit of the Modena- Brenner Highway.


Without a doubt, the rapid urban and commercial development of Affi is due to the opening of the exit "Affi-Lago di Garda" on the Brennero highway in the 1970s, creating favourable conditions to define Affi as a true GATEWAY to Lake Garda for Italian tourists, but mostly for foreigners from the north.

The territorial structure of the city has some prominent features in the landscape such as Mount Moscal dominating the territory, the morainic amphitheatre of Rivoli, evidence of the glaciers that shaped the territory of Affi in the Quaternary Period, and Valsorda that begins in Incaffi and leads to Bardolino on Lake Garda. In addition to the beauty of the area, the many historical, artistic and architectural traces in Affi deserve special mention, as an expression of a social and cultural heritage and the testimony of man and civilizations of the past.

The beautiful villas of the 17th and 18th centuries are of particular note, built in a composite architectural and decorative style. Embellished with flourishing gardens, they played an important role in social and economic centres. Examples include Villa Poggi, Villa E. Da Persico (a famous spiritual centre), the 16th century Villa Fracastoro, the medieval castle in Incaffi, and 19th-century Villa Sant'Andrea in Incaffi.

Viticulture is currently the most profitable activity, particularly Bardolino Classico and Chiaretto wines, as well as other wines of the Adige Valley. In addition to the vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards are of great importance, as the land offers the perfect growing conditions for peaches and pears here. The variety of shopping malls and shops of all kinds make Affi the commercial hub par excellence for those who live here or for those passing through during a holiday on the lake.

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