The Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car

Points of Interest

If you love sports, beautiful nature or simply want to enjoy a breathtaking view, you can’t miss going up Monte Baldo using the Malcesine cable car.

The trip going up is alone worth the journey, since it’s one of the most spectacular in the world, thanks to a system of cabins that rotate 360° in the second part of the ascent, introduced in 2002, when the transport system was completely renewed.

In its 14 years of new life (since 2002) nearly five million people have used the Malcesine cable car to go up Monte Baldo!

Its three stations and the spectacle from the rotating cabins
The starting station is in Malcesine, 99 metres above sea level, then there is an intermediate station at San Michele, at an altitude of 580 metres, and the final stop is in Tratto Spino up Monte Baldo, 1,780 metres high.
And do you know how long it takes to get up that high and find yourself in unparalleled unspoilt nature? Just 20 minutes!
It is from the middle station on that the magic of the rotating cabins starts. You go up looking at the intensely blue lake, and wave at Malcesine’s Scaliger castle from above as it grows smaller; then, without even noticing, you’re facing the spectacle of Baldo’s vegetation turning from Mediterranean to alpine, and olive trees make way to holm oaks, beech trees and firs, and finally high-altitude meadows! But once you get to Tratto Spino, you’re looking at Lake Garda again and, when there are no clouds, you can even see the opposite shore, with the Brenta Dolomites, the Appennines on the opposite side, and even the Venetian Lagoon!

You can board with a buggy, your dog, nordic walking poles, your mountain bike, your paraglider wing or… skis or sledge in winter! The Malcesine cable car is open 10 months out of 12, and in winter it allows you to access a ski area that matches those of the near-by Dolomites.

Once up, you’ll be spoilt for choice: you can choose to go trekking on one of the many paths of varying degrees of difficulty, filling your lungs with crisp, fresh air, or paraglide down alone, if you have a licence, or with a qualified instructor for a tandem jump, or shoot down on your mountain bike for some downhill or cross country.

Or you can simply have your breath taken away by the view you can enjoy at an altitude, savouring one of our typical dishes served in a Baldo malga, baita or chalet.

Some useful information
The first ride is at 8 a.m. and is the one excursionists prefer in the summer, to leave when the weather is cool and have the whole day ahead; the last ride coming down from Tratto Spino is at 6 p.m. Taking into account this is an attraction that transfers up to three-thousand people every day at full capacity, during high season or at the weekends it is better to choose the middle hours of the day to go up: around midday or 3 p.m. The starting station is air-conditioned, so you can wait for your cabin without suffering in the summer heat.