Welcome to Castelnuovo del Garda
Castelnuovo del Garda is wet from a small part of Lake Garda, and it extends on three beaches. One of these hosts Gardaland, Gardaland Resort and SeaLife Aquarium.

Castelnuovo del Garda

Castelnuovo del Garda is a town that developed at crossroads of two important communication routes; the one that crosses Po valley (from east to west) and the one that connects Alps with the Powalley (from north to south). The name derives from latin "Castrum Novum" (New Castle) that derives from reconstruction of a medieval castle.

The territory of the town is located mostly at natural after glacial hills of Garda and faces the lake with three beachfronts equipped for visitors: Campanello, Gasparina and Ronchi. In the last one the largest Italian theme park Gardaland is situated, next to which you will find Gardaland Hotel and Sealise Aquarium.

Apart from that the territory of Castelnuovo is filled with historical sites; roman finds, parish churches, medieval castle tower, villas from times of Venetian Republic, Austrian forts, monuments and gravestones of Risorgimento. Two thousands history concentrated in a unique andf ascinating territory between lake and hills.

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