Good Food

Garda Veneto’s typical products: from olive oil to the tortellini of Valeggio

Some products are a staple of our cuisine are always on our tables.

The first of these is the Olio Extravergine di Oliva Garda DOP (EVOO), light and fruity. The Consorzio Tutela Olio DOP Garda guarantees that it is not counterfeited or reproduced illicitly. If you want to know how our hand­picked olives are processed, come and visit the mill of the Consorzio Olivicoltori of Malcesine!

From Monte Baldo come black truffle, honey and cheese (you have to taste Monte Veronese DOP from the mountain area around Verona), and also the famous chestnuts of San Zeno di Montagna (Marrone di San Zeno DOP).

Our cuisine is based on recipes that have been handed down from generations, like the one for the Tortellini di Valeggio, each sealed by hand!

Our dishes are linked to seasonal products, like the radicchio di Verona. There is also the Vialone Nano rice of Isola della Scala, a place that is home to the Ente Fiera of the same name, which has been organizing the Fiera del Riso every year for over 50 years between September and October, and which is the most visited enogastronomic fair.

Make sure you also take a bite of the Verona peaches, our kiwis, celery and the really excellent Verona asparagus and those from Rivoli Veronese!

Sanvigilini? Yes, please! They are shortcrust pastry biscuits with raisins, which the Punta San Vigilio Inn created in honour of Winston Churchill’s sojourn. Yellow peaches in syrup are also delicious, and are mostly found in the area of Valeggio sul Mincio.

Then there is our freshwater fish: the salmo carpio, which only lives in the Garda, is best steamed or barbecued; pike with sauce and grilled polenta is served as starters; the alborella, which we call aole, are dipped in flour and fried, or sun dried and salted; coregonus is grilled; while sardella go in with bigoli, a fresh extrusion pressed pasta still made like our grandfathers’ made it.

Trout, tench, chub, perch and carp are also widely present in our restaurants. Bon appétit!