Road Bike

Bicycle lovers can choose from many routes, ranging from the gentle hills, the lake, the tour of the Val d'Adige.

The tour of Baldo by means of the Graziani road which, from Caprino Veronese, at 250m, climbs to Bocca Navene at 1,500m, to then descend to Brentonico and Mori, re-entering from the eastern Gardesana, is a not to be missed classic for lovers of cycling on road. 

For the “climbers”, the “west” slope on the other side offers the climb of “Punta Veleno”, which someone dared to define as being harder than the famous Montirolo. This road connects the district of Assenza di Brenzone, situated on the banks of the lake, with Prada, at 900m high with gradients superior to 20%.

For those, instead, which prefer lighter courses and not too tiring, can choose between numerous itineraries, which vary from sweet morainic hills, or along the lake, to the tour of Val d’Adige or Valeggio sul Mincio.