Mountain Bike

There are several opportunities for lovers of the mountain bike

There are several opportunities for lovers of the mountain bike: the southern hills of Lake Garda offer interesting trials through hornbeam and durmast woods with the lake playing hide and seek between the ups and downs of the path. It is worthwhile, besides, to spend a day amongst nature in the Natural Regional Park of the river Mincio, along a charming walk, suitable for everyone, following one of the most famous, and rightly so, popular cycle paths that run from Peschiera to  Mantova, passing through Valeggio and Borghetto. 

Another wonderful trail is the so called “Ciclopista del Sole”, a cycle path of Val d'Adige that runs from Bolzano to Verona, passing through Garda’ inland. 
On Baldo, the beautiful pastoral roads permit you to become immersed in charming atmospheres such as century old beech woods and fields and meadows characterised by their splendid flowering.  The military road of Naole lets you reach a height of 2.000m with breathtaking views over Lake Garda and main summits of the central and eastern Alps. 

Since 2009 a race is organised which over the years boasts a greater following and last year reached over 2.000 participants, called Granfondo “Città di Garda”, with the start point at this same location and a long Cross Country run of approximately 39 km with a difference of level of 1.200 m. During the preceding day to this event, a pleasant race for children takes place, the “Torri Kids Race”, in such a way as to involve as well the families of the participants and render the holiday special for everyone.

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