Mild climate, pleasant days and the colors that appeal to their mix blue lake with red and yellow trees

A typical image of autumn is melancholy, with falling leaves and lot of rain. Thankfully it is not like that on Lake Garda! Here there is a continuation of summer, an Indian summer, with shorter days, but still very pleasant ones. A mild climate, sunny days and the palate of colours: the blue of the lake and red and yellow leaves of the trees.

Harvest season means important grape festivals such as the Bardolino DOC Wine Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors on the first weekend of October, or the delicious feast of DOC Chestnuts of San Zeno di Montagne, with the local chestnut production that has rendered it famous throughout Europe. Among the special products, Castanea, a beer made with chestnuts is really a treat. For several years now, Lazise has become the capital of honey, with a fair and meeting on the theme of honey in October, attracting personalities from across the province.

After that, with the end of October, we taste the new oil and typical products of this town overlooking Lake Garda. It's also worth a trip to Spiazzi in late October, for an interesting festival dedicated to local mountain products: mushrooms, truffles, herbs, chestnuts, as well as wines, jams, honey, everything Baldo has to offer of the absolute highest quality. To go along with this visit, a walk to Baldo leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, embedded in the rock, which will take you on a journey bordering on the mystical. In November, the olive harvest begins with the introduction of the new oil, held in Brenzone, during the feast of Santa Caterina (late November).

Don't miss the Sigurtà Garden in autumn, a riot of colours that will leave you breathless. Carefully organized wine tastings in the numerous wineries and gastronomic routes inland will make your stay even more delightful and memorable.