Easter: what better time to enjoy nature at the moment of its awakening and its utmost splendour?

Long days, sparkling from the first hours of the morning and becoming milder day by day, perfect for putting yourself to the test in a myriad of practical sports, for a walk on Mount Baldo in search of precocious blooms or sightings of deer, roe or the sympathetic marmots who show themselves usually towards evening or in the early hours of the day, or for a horse ride, or cycle, following hilly areas and itineraries more or less demanding to enjoy wonderful sunsets at the end of the day.

And not to forget the most intimist reason for this festival, you will be literally enraptured by the surreal and deep atmosphere which you will discover during the Living Via Crucis which for years is brought to life in Brenzone and which is finding continuously more consent from the present public who, during the climb towards the hamlet of Biaza, travel over the stopping places of the Passion of Christ: an experience really not to be missed.

With Easter, the theme parks in the area re-open and you will be able to spend marvellous days in company of your children, in search of fun and light heartedness.
For the bigger ones, naturally you shouldn’t miss the possibility of recharging yourselves and to enjoy the various wellness structures in many different locations. There is nothing missing to ensure a perfect holiday for everyone!