Summer needs no introduction, since it is the season par excellence

Summer needs no introduction, since it is the season par excellence: long days of sunlight, warm temperatures and crystal clear waters to dive into for a refreshing swim, caressed by the rays of the sun that warm until evening.

It's the ideal season for long excursions on Mount Baldo, where you can find cool temperatures and the chance to rest in the shade of a beech tree in the Mediterranean area or a larch further up. A tour of the pastures will also give you an idea of what were once the primary activities of life in the mountains, allowing you to savour the flavours and customs that live on thanks to those special few who, with great passion and determination, keep the traditions alive.

The summer season is also when water activities such as sailing, cat-sailing, windsurfing take the spotlight, as well as new ones, like kite surfing, wakeboarding and many other activities that will make your stay anything but boring. For those who seek the lake as a source of relaxation and rest, you can use one of several ferries crisscrossing the water offering the opportunity to experience the lake in the most intimate way possible, from its centre. A boat trip offering amazing views of Lake Garda, stopping in various towns for a break, is the most fascinating way to learn about the traditions, history and flavours of each little town. Summer is also the when most of the events are organized.

Every village does its best to give the visitor an experience, an event, an unforgettable moment that will remain forever in their memory. Whether it is the feast of the "nodo d'amore" (love knot pasta) in Valeggio sul Mincio or the Palio of the Contrade in Garda, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to creating a lasting image for guests, moments full of excitement and anticipation. In summer, in addition to having the longest days, there is also nightlife that lasts until dawn: local and rustic or hip and chic, lounge bars, pubs, wine bars and discos, it's all here for a night's fun and entertainment.