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The campsites on Lake Garda guarantee a high standard of quality

Camping in tents, caravans or campers, but also in the many alternatives formes such as bungalows, mobile homes, cottages and apartments within the village itself, besides being an excellent occasion to spend a holiday in the open air, these days, means to be surrounded by comfort and every kind of service.

The campsites on Lake Garda guarantee a high standard of quality and are equipped so that its clients do not want for anything: supermarket, bar, pool, restaurants and pizzerias, play areas and evening entertainment for children and teenagers. The campsites are becoming more similar to small towns immersed in nature. Very often, in fact, they enjoy a privileged position, immersed in greenery, far from traffic and offering direct access to the beach.

They offer shaded areas for campers and caravans, delightful and intimate bungalows and numerous spaces for tents (from the smallest to those of larger dimensions). To spend your holiday camping means having full freedom of choice regarding the organisation of your free time. For families, it is the favourite solution because it manages to combine the needs of both children and parent: the first, finding organised activities and entertainment to their hearts delight and the second can therefore enjoy the relax and tranquillity so desired, and as much needed.

Camping satisfies everyone, it will certainly be a success, most of all considering the high standard of quality in our campsites and holiday villages.

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