Canoe and Kayak

One of the sports which allow you to discover Lake Garda from a different prospective is the canoe.

One of the sports which allow you to discover Lake Garda from a different prospective is the canoe. 
Paddling on the calm waters of the lake in search of gulfs, inlets, beaches, and rocky walls which characterise the coasts of the lake, it wont necessarily be tiring but a pleasure for the eyes and spirit. During the most beautiful periods, July and August, the winds lessen in constancy and intensity leaving space to calmer days.

With these conditions, even those who do not have the domesticity with the canoe can profit by this means to enjoy the panorama of the lake in absolute silence from an alternative point of observation to the beach. In a particular way at sunset, when the sun sweetly falls on the west, hiding itself behind the mountains and presenting  a play of incredible reflections. The canoe is however the best type of craft to affront both the calm waters of the lake and the lively waters or torrents that run along the mountain slopes that face the waters edge of Lake Garda.

And so away from the banks, in bisse, canoes and kayaks, where aboard,  oar lovers can try new intense emotions and a different experience. Canyoning is a sport mainly practised during the summer period by those passionate about mountains. Gorges, coves, waterfalls are all affronted aboard the slim and quick canoes, always respecting the rules of safety. There are numerous places where you can practise this sport either in single canoes or in groups. Naturally there are also courses for children. The interesting event “Adigemarathon” also deserves a mention, which takes place every year in the gardesan inland on the river Adige.

The event, born from a coordinated action, together with the entrepreneurial territory, to transform into opportunity the visibility of the Veronese territory is offered by the fluvial marathon by canoe, kayak and rafting, and has grown over the years with the result of being inserted in the international World Series circuit. At this event, every year, hundreds of clubs and thousands of athletes from all over the world arrive, counting amongst these athletes of international fame of today and yesterday.