Catamaran means fun and new sensations

Catamaran means fun and new sensations and represents an alternative to windsurf especially in the days of a lighter wind. The sensations of hovering over  water and to fly like a seagull over the waves are unexplainable: the spectacularity of going out on a catamaran will enthusiast you, both going as a team or going alone.

To sail with the catamaran has rapidly become popular, in that  it is the quickest way to navigate and fascinates sailors for the numerous sensations it provokes. To sail on a catamaran is the ideal sport for those who enthusiast for the wind and water. It is a sport easy to apprehend and can be practised from the age of ten years, naturally with catamarans for children, and can be continued to a more advanced age.

The numerous sailing clubs and schools present in the territory offer courses for every level and needs, putting at your disposal crafts of the lastest generation to learn in full safety the art of navigation either alone or in company.