The kitesurf is probably the sailing discipline which has had major diffusion in the last years

The kitesurf (or kiteboard) is probably the sailing discipline which has had major diffusion in the last years, probably thanks to its spectacularity, to the speed of learning and the reduced volume of the equipment, easily transportable even by motorbike.  It takes only a few days to learn to pilot the kite, a large kite able to develop traction which allows navigation but also to make the jumps and acrobats which make this sport so adrenalinic. 

Lake Garda immediately became one of the favourite places for the fans of this sport, where they are sure to find the ideal wind conditions to make their kite fly, especially in the area between the towns of Brenzone and Malcesine on the veronese side and at Campione on the bresciano side. In the north at Malcesine and Campione  you can find two exit corridors dedicated exclusively to kiters.

But also in other locations on the high part of the lake, where you cannot find beaches spacious enough for take off for kites, the sport can still be practised calmly, thanks to the numerous sports centres who have organised a service of launching and retrieval by means of motor boats, directly in the centre of the lake: this system is particularly loved by beginners, because it allows them to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the wind, thought free.

Not to speak of the numerous and well known schools, which offer courses and lessons at every level and for all ages, supplying all the necessary material. In the south of Garda, where the basin widens, the wind is usually less intense, but due to this, some beaches at the bottom part of the lake become an ideal point of take off, when at the northern part the wind is almost too impetuous.