Sailing on Garda Lake

Lake Garda is the ideal place for wind sailing, but also for all other water sports, such as windsurf, kitesurf, diving

The regular winds that blow on Lake Garda make this destination particularly ideal to practise the sport of wind sailing, but also for all other aquactic sports, such as windsurf, kite surf etc.

The Pelér wind blows from north to south from the early hours of the morning until midday whilst the Ora wind blows from south towards the  north, from late morning until the end of the afternoon. This flow of air, as constant as it is punctual, and its particular climatic characteristics allow Lake Garda to acclaim itself as one of the best regatta areas at International level.- Every year, the national and International championships are organised and teams of International fame are guests here. The  Centomiglia del Garda, which takes place every year, organized by the Circolo Vela Gargnano is the most famous and important regatta in internal waters
From this point of view the Lake of Garda boasts a long and consolidated sailing tradition. In every location you can find a Circolo or a Fraglia Vela with a school recognised by the federation, suitable  to both teenagers and adults to learn to appreciate in safety this practical sport of ancient origins. It is not by chance that from these sailing clubs, some athletes known at International level have been formed, such as Fabio Albarelli, Roberto Benamati, Albino Fravezzi, Flavio Scala, the brothers Celon, Luca Devoti, Silvio Santoni, to name just a few.  

Being aboard a saling boat, you can enjoy a panorama of uncomparable beauty: the green scope of the mountains dive into silver waters of the lake, the sun warms the air and highlights the colours, a fragrant breeze sweetly accompanies the hydrofoils in their wake. A unique experience to fully enjoy Lake Garda and the natural beauties which this enchanting land offers.