Stand-up paddling

Paddling in an erect position on a board, is an established sport and is in full expansion

There is a distance of a few years since the beginning of this isolated practice by part of the precursers of this sport, stand up paddling, or paddling in an erect position on a board, is an established sport and is in full expansion, with exponential growth of number of fans and an offer of material increasingly more complete and orientated to innovation. Just think about oars in carbon and to the continuous lightening of the boards.

Just like it was many years ago the windsurf and recently for kite boarding, stand up paddling, as a “crossover” sport, calls the attention of fans from other aquatic sports activities, such as, surf on waves, kayaking, windsurfing and kiteboarding, just to mention a few. The reasons for the enthusiasm which surrounds stand up paddling are multiple: the first and most unsuspecting, most of all for practising sportsmen of more dynamic sports such as windsurfing or kiteboarding, is the enjoyment.

Simply paddling on a SUP baord, cruising along the coast, therefore recreation, is rather enjoyable and rewarding, even considering the fact that from the fitness point of view, it is excellent training. You also need to observe that some of the more modern boards proposed by the manufacturers are equipped with a mast and therefore can be used as a windsurf for light winds. Besides, the difference in respect of a long board for classic surf is the possibility to surf waves not only smaller, but also in anticipation, given that the SUP tables are bigger.

The surfing technique is basically the same with in addition the advantage of using an oar not only to improve your balance, but also to carry out radical manouvers immerging the paddle during the surf and therefore using it like a mobile fin. Finding yourself in an erect position on the board already before the surf it is easier to choose the best wave in the set. The other advantage, especially for windsurfers and kite surfers who frequent less windy spots, consists in being able to go into the water and train continuosly. It goes without saying the added value of such a sport  which will teach you to apprehend the technique in full safety.