Lake Garda, given the conformation, presents different types of bed

Lake Garda is of glacial origin and is 346 m deep and given the conformation, presents different types of bed, from the rich rocky formations to the soft sandy beds. The lake offers, therefore, numerous points of immersion along the entire coast.

If on one side the lake fascinates you for its naturalistic wonders, a subaqua adventure will be no less: discover breathtaking panoramas of rocks and canyons, explore the beds with the historical mysterious relics and the myriad of persian fish, pike and burbot. You will immerse yourself in an oasis of silence and peace allowing the spirit of adventure to guide you in the clean fresh waters of the biggest lake in Italy. 

For subaqua fishing, an amateur license is required: this is allowed only in apnea and only with a subaqua gun, without the use of illuminating torches, it is prohibited from sunset until dawn and cannot be performed within 200m from the ports and 150m from the beaches. The law imposes the subs in immersion, to indicate their presence with a buoy equipped with a red flag with white diagonal stripes or, in alternative, by a red flag with white diagonal stripes hoisted on the nautical craft of rest.

The sub, with canisters or in apnea, must operate within 50m of the indicating buoy or the nautical craft where the flag is hoisted. Wellknown schools and specialised centres can offer you personalised excursions and all the services for these or subaquaconnesse, to immerge  within the current laws and in full safety.