Lake Garda, thanks to its geographic particularities, offers to all water sports fans the perfect conditions

Lake Garda, thanks to its geographic particularities, offers to all aqua sports fans the perfect conditions. If in the northern part they favour sailing, windsurf and kitesurf, the southern part of the lake presents calmer, more open water and therefore is perfect for pratising other types of aquatic sports, such as water ski-ing, wakeboarding, parasailing etc. The wakeboard, also known as “ a snowboard on water”, is a sport both intense and dynamic.

The movement is very similar to that of the snowboard. Hence, as alpine skiing saw the birth and growth of the snowboard, water skiing is experiencing the same phases with the wakeboard. Just like alpine skiing, waterskiing has also undergone the influence and stimuli of the new tendencies and has therefore evolved in both the forms and the dimensions.  The various modifications made and the introduction of the use of rigid fasteners have obtained a better manoeuvrability and easy use. Beginners or all those who wish to perfection the manoeuvres can practise at the “Wake cable park” which is a mirror of still water with  constant traction supplied by a cable system.

In alternative, this sport can be practised, by tow with a special boat for wakeboarders, which produces some good waves, indispensable to do all kinds of jumps. The sensation to surf, the possibility of carrying out various manoeuvres, acrobatics and jumps becomes particularly fascinating for all age groups but in the young in particular. Amongst the wonderful scenery of the lower lake you will find clubs and schools known for their teaching abilities, for both beginners and experts of the varied disciplines and for the hire of all the equipment of a high quality. With the assistance of an expert and qualified instructor  you can live this experience in complete safety, worrying only about learning how to perform the acrobatics on water, a principal characteristic of this fun sport!