Thousands of brightly coloured and darting windsurf plough the waters of the Lake Garda

The constancy and punctuality of the winds on Lake Garda transform the northern part of the lake into a gaudy palette of colours. Thousands of brightly coloured and darting windsurf plough the waters of the lake, providing a spectacle without equals. The visitor can only immagine the emotions of  gliding on the crystalline water of Lake Garda driven by the wind which stubbornly lashes the sails.

But we are not only speaking about a sport with an end in itself: sailing permits  you to discover your own strengths and your own limits, the will and capacity to affront every situation, reinforcing faith in yourself and the desire to live.

The conditions of the wind in the northern part of Lake Garda are generally medium/light in the morning and increase in intensity in the afternoon with the arrival of the mythical “Ora”, a thermic and constant wind which reaches a medium intensity of 4/6 Beaufort ( 7-15 metres per second), rendering Garda your true and own “paradise for surfers”.

The southern parts of the lake is the better part for those who love this sport or want to learns it’s secrets: along the beaches exist specialised centres who organise national and International events and courses for both adults and children of every level, from beginners to extreme freestyling. For the less expert, there are numerous courses that are dedicated to learn the best techniques in full safety, having besides the possibility of hiring the equipment necessary to be able to practise this most enjoyable sport. All the centres have at their disposal expert and professional qualified instructors. The quality of service offered and the climatic conditions particularly favourably attract , every year on Lake Garda, sportsmen and athletes worldwide who find here their natural gymnasium.