Winter Sports

Skiing overlooking the lake, among cabins, sun and fresh air: that’s the life!

Here even winter has its good points. The lake breaths back the warmth it absorbed during the summer, so the cold season is never that cold. But our good old Monte Baldo, central to any sporting holiday, does become capped with snow. Monte Baldo is the perfect playground for skiers and snowboarders, with over 2,000 metres of snow­clad landscape, and the chance to go up comfortably even in winter via the Malcesine cable car, which reaches 1760 metres at Tratto Spino.

There are 4 ski slopes of varying difficulty (even one for kids, always in the sun). If you’re not experienced or want to try your hand at snowboarding or ski mountaineering, our mountain guides will help you down the track in all safety! There’s a ski school on site and you can rent skis, snowboards, sleighs and snowshoes. 

The Baldo mountain cabins are also worth a visit. Imagine a magical view, all sounds muffled by snow, very few people around, the lake resting at the foot of the mountain... and a table laid to feast: malga cheese (a special mountain production process), cold cuts from our land, gnocchi, home­made bigoli (a special type of fresh pasta), polenta, wildfowl, knödels and truffle! And if you’re too tired to ski, bask in the sun, breath in the mountain air and enjoy a unique view, or try winter trekking!

Then, at the end of the day, chill out in one of our spas, in the wellness area of the hotel you’re staying at before you dine with the traditional dishes of our cuisine, rigorously accompanied by Garda Veneto wine. This is the life!