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Bussolengo is located a few kilometers between two poles of great cultural and tourist attraction: the city of Verona and Lake Garda.


Located in a strategic geographical position, Bussolengo is located a few miles between two important cultural and tourist attractions: Verona and Lake Garda. Since ancient times it was an obligatory stop and still is today for economic exchanges and trade and for the tourist traffic to the Garda shoreline, the city of Verona and many other locations in the province. This town has seen the rise of major shopping centres that make Bussolengo one of the favourite destinations of tourists (and locals) for shopping or even to spend the rare days of bad weather during their holidays.

In the small town of Figara, Parco Natura Viva (a centre protecting endangered species) was born. The park was the brilliant idea of the architect Alberto Avesani, the founder who, in the 1960s, turned part of his farm (in existence since 1933) into a faunal area, collecting animals for breeding and showing them to the public. From this very small action, the idea of temporarily accommodating circus animals was conceived, and from there sprung the idea to create a park, open to the public, to accommodate both native and exotic animals.

Bussolengo has a strong artistic heritage, so much so that it was dubbed "Pagus Pictus" (painted village), due to the frescoes found, for instance, in the Church of St. Valentino (patron saint of the town), the Church of San Rocco and in the cloister of the Church of the Padri Redentoristi.

Typicality of Bussolengo

The cultivation of peaches in the Bussolengo territory is a secular tradition. Local agriculture continues to make an income from this summer fruit that even earns praise abroad. For 150 years peach growing has been a fundamental part of the local economy that initially concentrated only on early fruit growing and white flesh peaches. In 1947 the fruit market was built in Piazzale Vittorio Veneto that has now been demolished to be replaced by a library and a cultural centre. The old fruit and vegetable market functioned until 1987 when the intercommunal fruit and vegetable market in Via Molinara came into being. The local peach and nectarine cultivation zone is characterised by an environment particularly suitable due to the type of terrain, climate, rainfall and the location protected by the Alpine system and helped by the nearby Lake Garda.

The Actinidia plant, the scientific name of this Chinese plant of vegetable origin and also known as kiwi started to be cultivated in the Bussolengo zone between 1975 and 1980. Kiwi farming extended rapidly even in the Garda hinterland and throughout the Veronese high and medium plains. In these areas the climate is favourable for the cultivation of this species given the thermoregulation influence of Garda and the presence of Monti Lessini that slow down the cold air currents coming from the north; kiwis suffer from the cold. To be considered is also the fact that the earth of the Morenic hills and earth of alluvial origin are excellent for this plant; they have the characteristics of draining off water and have a thin layer of active soil. Within a short time the production reached a notable qualitative level that permitted the production to acquire an interesting share of the home and international markets.

Agricultural activity in the Bussolengo territory, apart from the prestigious peach and kiwi cultivation also includes a specialised wine-making production. The hills that crown the regional seat come within the D.O.C. zone for Custoza and Bardolino. Both of these renowned wines are produced and sold by several local agricultural companies that have adopted the production methods and controls of the respective D.O.C. consortiums that guarantee the quality.


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